Welcome to Forever Fiancée!

While spreading the wonderful news of my recent Summer engagement was fun and exciting, it was equal parts stressful due to the plethora of questions following the obvious “congratulations!”  No, we have not set a date.  No, I have not looked at venues.  No, we have not registered.  But seriously, do people actually do all/any of these things within the first few days??

Once my fiancé and I finally decided to talk dates, we decided that for our sanity, lifestyle, and financial needs, it made sense to have a lengthy engagement.  Our current (but still vague) plan is Fall 2016, which means will be engaged for a whopping 26 months, slightly over 2 years – which is almost double the time that the average couple is engaged in the US (between 13-18 months)!

Although this may seem like a very long time period for some, many couples in their early-mid 20’s are now opting for longer engagements.  Whether it is due to educational/financial responsibilities, professional reasons, or simply deciding to take the time to actually enjoy the planning process and alleviate as much stress as possible.  Our reasoning:  we’re young, we’re in love, we’re happy… why rush?  This is such an exciting time in both of our lives and I’ve waited for this moment forever, so I definitely want to milk it as long as possible!

That being said, during my preliminary wedding research I have noticed a lack of resources for those planning a longer engagement.  I came across countless one year, eight month, and six month planning timelines… but very few for anything over a year!  The purpose of this blog is to share my experience of planning my dream wedding over the course of 2 years, and I plan to share everything from initial “Pinspiration” to day-of details.

Please feel free to share any great wedding planning tips or requests for posts 🙂


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